Surface Pen Microsoft Official WinBuzzer Collage

A new Microsoft Patent published last week showcases the company’s further development of its Surface Pro series of hardware. Published last week on the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the filing was made by Microsoft back in 2017.

Titled “MULTI-FUNCTIONAL STYLUS”, the patent describes how new implementations can boost the functionality of a stylus. The tech detailed in the filing would likely be added to a new Surface Pen, possible for the future Surface Pro 7.

The idea behind the patent is to replace a normal mouse entirely for input operations. This is achieved through a new “pointing stick” at the top of the stylus. Users will be able to use this tip as a moving unit for manipulating the cursor on a touch-enabled hardware.

Microsoft’s new Surface Pen could also gain pressure sensitivity according to this patent. This means users can use it as a button, and allow different functions based on the press. Needless to say, this could easily be a replacement for a mouse click.

“According to some example embodiments, a stylus may automatically switch between transmission via the electrostatic channel associated with the touch-screen and transmission via another wireless channel based on sensing the proximity of the stylus to the touch-screen,” Microsoft explains.

Type Cover Patent

Last week, we discussed Microsoft’s patent for a new Type Cover for the Surface Pro 7. The document itself describes a magnet-oriented technique that would hold the Surface Type Cover closed when you aren’t using it.

This would stop assumedly cover both orientations, both closed in your bag and folded behind the device when it’s in tablet mode.