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Microsoft Patent Gives Hints at USB-C Charging for the Surface Pro 7, New Type Cover

A newly discovered patent suggests Microsoft is planning to ditch the Connector on the Surface Pro 7, instead opting for USB-C charging. It also details a way to keep the cover closed.


A recently published patent gives more clues at the company's . Aside from rumors of a slimmer bezel and more rounded corners, the device is expected to include a port.

Other than that, little is known about the Pro 7, but the patent gives some additional hints. The document itself describes a magnet-oriented technique that would hold the Surface Type Cover closed when you aren't using it. This would stop assumedly cover both orientations, both closed in your bag and folded behind the device when it's in tablet mode.

It's not a particularly exciting development, but the Surface Type Cover diagrams hold some additional hints. On the pictured , a USB-C port is seen, lining up with the previous rumors, while also showing a USB-A and Mini DisplayPort. 3.5mm enthusiasts will be happy to see a headphone jack on the device also, though it's been moved to the bottom.

A Move to USB-C Charging?

However, the most interesting part is not what the diagram includes, but what it doesn't. As spotted by WindowsUnited, the device doesn't feature a Surface Connect Port. That suggests Microsoft may finally be ready to move to USB-C charging, which some fans have been anticipating for a while.

The feature is one the company was reluctant to adopt due to its large range of Surface Connector accessories. A switch to the standard would increase charging convenience but mean owners of previous Surface devices would need to buy all new accessories.

For its Surface Pro and , Microsoft released a USB-C dongle, but its production was plagued with issues. The company took 18 months to launch the accessory, and retailed at an overly expensive $80.

Still, at this point, it's worth noting that there's no confirmation that the device in Microsoft's is the Surface Pro 7. It's not uncommon for companies to present variants of devices in patents that won't necessarily come to market.

Either way, the company appears to be thinking a lot about USB-C, as well as ways to change its Type Cover. The Pro 7 could finally deliver some changes that finally push older Surface owners to upgrade.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 12:06 pm CEST

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