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Microsoft Patent Shows Automated Travel Journal System

A new Microsoft Patent describes a system driven by automated AI to help users create travel diaries and link with virtual assistants.


filings are frequent and often interesting. It is always worth noting many of these new solutions are to pad out the company's patent portfolio. However, some filings reach further development and become full products and services.

The latest Patent showcases an automated travel journal creation system. This is exactly the kind of patent we could see turned into a workable solution on a Microsoft service.

Microsoft's patent describes a diary generation system that will automatically find trips created by the user and detail the journeys in paragraphs. When many people travel, they create a diary, this document may include all the aspects of the journey.

In its patent Microsoft describes how its system can make the mundane task of keeping a travel journal more efficient. Furthermore, an automatic system can help to recount events more accurately. The company says current journals are often incomplete or just wrong due to human memorization.

Using an automated travel diary system could help users see their journey details based on personalized writing style. The system will automate diary entries in coherent paragraphs and combine content with images, videos, and other visual aids.

Virtual Assistant Support

Leveraging a GUI, users could also edit entries and make changes. Microsoft details the system would be functional as software, such as in Windows 10, or hardware based.

One clear way where the system could be interesting is through an integration with a digital assistant like Microsoft's Cortana. Users may be able to enter diary points through voice commands. A personal assistant would also be able to answer search questions, such as directions, nearby locations, and travel options.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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