GitHub has launched its first major product since Microsoft’s $7.5 billion acquisition. Its brand-new package manager has already been hailed as an exciting service for developers and is available in beta now.

It gives developers access to a number of package manager tools, such as npm, Maven, NuGet, and RubyGems. Users can publish privately or with a team while using the same login for all their code and packages.

“GitHub Package Registry is fully integrated with GitHub, so you can use the same search, browsing, and management tools to find and publish packages as you do for your repositories,” explains director of product management Simina Pasat. “You can also use the same user and team permissions to manage code and packages together. GitHub Package Registry provides fast, reliable downloads backed by GitHub’s global CDN.”


GitHub Package Registry is entirely free in its beta period, but free versions will have some limitations when it reaches full release. Only paying customers will be able to publish privately, and they’ll get access to additionals security and compliance features.

That pricing is currently a mystery and is unlikely to be announced until GitHub finishes adding support for more languages. The team says they’ve been working on the functionality for over six months, but haven’t given a set release date.

Until then, any user can sign up for the beta and read the documentation.