Microsoft Joins SAP’s Project Embrace, a Collaboration Program with AWS and Google Cloud

Microsoft is working with SAP alongside AWS and Google to provide simplified deployment of S4/HANA in the cloud, pooling resources for a 'seamless' support and roadmap experience.

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has announced itself as the first global provider to join SAP's Project Embrace. Announced at Sapphire Now 2019, the solution looks to simplify adoption via a collaborative initiative with , AWS, , and vendors.

Through a combination of market-approved journeys, reference architectures, select service partners, and the power of the cloud, customers will be able to accelerate their digital transformation,” explained Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president, one commercial partner.

“Embrace will help customers better manage refactoring and ongoing support costs, access the latest innovations, and improve the performance of SAP applications by leveraging Microsoft and SAP's unified blueprint running S/4HANA on ”.

A Year-long Effort

According to Schuster, Microsoft has been working with SAP for over a year to bring the ability to run SAP S4/HANA on Azure. HANA is an enterprise resource planning package designed to remove issues found in traditional solutions. As more and more businesses move to the cloud, it's looking to work with Microsoft, AWS, and to transition from on-premises to cloud-based infrastructures.

As such Microsoft is aligning its join Partner Ecosystem with SAP while collaborating on things like support to make things as simple as possible. The four pillars are a smooth integration of SAP, reference architecture, industry-specific roadmaps, and a supported hybrid or cloud infrastructures on hypervisors.

“Working together with the hyperscalers and global strategic service partners, we're in a unique position to shape our customers' journeys to becoming intelligent enterprises,” said SAP's Jennifer Morgan.