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Microsoft Makes Build 2019 Bing Maps Announcements

Bing Maps SDKs have been launched for iOS, Android, and for mixed-reality apps. Microsoft also released a Multi-Itinerary Optimization (API).


took to the stage at today with plenty to discuss. As well as opening up on upcoming features for Windows 10 and Chromium Edge, the company made some reveals. Specifically, there were three announcements regarding the mapping service.

First up, Microsoft raised a curtain on a new Bing Maps SDK for mobile (iOS and Android) platforms. With the SDK, developers can write applications with Bing Maps integration. Among the features of the SDK are controls powered by a vector 3D map engine.

This engine can offer several mapping capabilities when still running at native performance.

Second of the new Bing Maps announcements was a new SDK for mixed-reality applications. This SDK gives dev's an ability to visualize a 3D map through real-time engine Unity. Streaming capabilities are part of the SDK, while 3D terrain can also be rendered across the world.

Finally, the last Bing Maps announcement at Build 2019 was a Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization API. This is a front-end user tool that allows drivers, dispatchers, and planners to automate planning schedules for fleets. This can be done through service times, durations, priorities, and schedules.

Microsoft says all three of the changes to Maps are available right now.

Traffic Cameras

Last month, Microsoft announced Bing now includes traffic cameras on maps.

“You can now see traffic camera icons along a short to moderate-length route,” explained Microsoft in a blog post. “By clicking on a traffic camera icon, you can view the latest image from the traffic camera at that location.”

The feature should help users confirm congestion or weather conditions before they set off.

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