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Microsoft’s Your Phone App Gets Quality of Life Improvements on Windows 10

Microsoft's Your Phone app has a new right-click menu and displays contact pictures in the message section for Insiders.


has updated on with two minor features that greatly improve quality of life. Though one is exclusive to Insiders, the other is now available to all who use the app.

The generally available feature consists of a new right-click feature when photo viewing. The menu lets users copy, save and share photos directly from the app, greatly increasing the speed at which you can share them with friends, get them into Photoshop, and more. As you'd expect, the new menu takes on the fluent design style.

The second addition applies only to Windows Insiders. Users will now notice images they set for contacts in appear under text messages. This should make it a little easier to identify senders at a glance, and generally just looks nicer.

The Evolution of Your Phone

This addition came about as a result of user feedback, which is always nice to see. Your Phone hasn't seen widespread adoption since its launch, but a number of upcoming features are likely to increase its popularity greatly. Little touches like this do a lot to give a general feel of polish in the app.

Recently, Your Phone's Android notification feature saw a rollout to more smartphones. As well as the Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, Note 8 and 9, and OnePlus 6/6T users can utilize the feature. With it, they can sync and dismiss notifications from their phone, with the ability reply coming soon.

On Insider rings, select phones have access to full mirroring functionality, which lets them use their Android display from their PC for more complex tasks. This functionality was first announced in 2018 and will likely come to all users sometime this year.

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