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Chromium Edge Gets a Back Button for PWAs, Spell Checker

Microsoft's Edge Canary now includes a robust spellchecker with dictionary support, while PWA users have new options for navigation.


's Canary build has received two new features. One brings it in line with Chrome and old Edge, while the other surpasses both.

Firstly, the awaited spell check feature debuted with v76.0.1440. This addition has been highly awaited by many, who rely on spellchecking to catch errors in messages and documents. Though free alternatives like Grammarly exist, they're a little overkill for the average person.

's solution is lightweight, yet offers several different correction options. Once enabled, you can also add words to your dictionary, reducing the number of false positives for slang or technical terms.

However, it's worth noting that this feature is not available to everyone. Though the spell check setting is present in all builds, it's grayed out in some. It's likely Microsoft is doing a staggered rollout so it can catch any issues.

Expanded PWA Support

The second feature has fewer bells and whistles but is quite essential. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) now have a back button in the browser bar for navigation. This can be enabled via the edge://flags page in versionĀ

Microsoft seems to have beaten Chrome to the market with this feature, which doesn't have a comparable addition. Though a Chromium employee created a bug that displayed it a year ago, Microsoft is the only one to capitalize.

Still, there are limited situations in which the button would be useful. already has a back button from Tweets, for example, as any good mobile app should. This is more to provide an additional option when regular methods aren't present.

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