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Microsoft Cuts All Ties with Minecraft Creator Notch, Including 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Microsoft has said Minecraft creator Markus Persson will not be a part of the games’ 10th anniversary due to “comments and opinions”.


says it will not be making creator Markus Persson, otherwise known as Notch, part of the game's 10th anniversary celebrations. Speaking to Variety, the company says “comments and opinions” offered by Notch are the reason he will be excluded.

The situation is hardly much of a surprise, although it remains interesting that 10th anniversary celebrations won't include the person who actually created what's being celebrated. Either way, Microsoft had the following to say on Persson's involvement:

“His comments and opinions do not reflect those of Microsoft or Mojang and are not representative of Minecraft.”

If you are out of the loop on the situation, Notch has received major criticism in recent years. Many believe he is now simply an online troll. Whether you think that or not, it cannot be denied Persson has spread transphobic and sexist content online, while also offering plenty of other unsavory .

No Involvement

Persson created Minecraft and developer Mojang, but in 2014 decided to step away from his position in the company. He sold to Microsoft in a multi-billion-dollar deal but was never really close to the company. For example, once Microsoft took control of Mojang, Notch had no further influence on the company.

In fact, but the time Mojang went to Microsoft, Persson was not even actively developing the game. However, Microsoft largely stayed respectful to Minecraft's creator, including leaving in references to him. Those references were removed in recent months as Notch's comments and actions became more bizarre.

This is the first full rebuke from Microsoft and seems all ties to Persson are severed.

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