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Celebrate Avengers Endgame by Letting Thanos Snap Your Google Search Results

Google Search has a cool promotion for Avengers Endgame when searching for Thanos reduces some results to dust.


Avengers Endgame is landing in cinemas this week as the biggest movie of the year. Heck it might be the biggest movie ever by time it completes its run. So, Thanos is back against Captain America, Iron-Man, Thor, and co, but he also has something in store for .

The Snap has become as famous in movie history as “Luke, I am your father” and “we're going to need a bigger boat”. Not content with wiping out half the MCU with The Snap, Thanos is now wiping out half your Search results.

However, we don't think it's much of a spoiler (haven't seen Avengers Endgame yet myself) to say all the superheroes come back to life. In good movie-land fashion, your Google Search results will also come back to life.

Google is celebrating the launch of Endgame with a special search promotion. When you type Thanos into Google and search, an Infinity Gauntlet animation is visible on the right by images.


Click this image and Thanos will do his work. Search results will start turning to dust just like in Infinity War, accompanied by some eerie sound effects. Click the gauntlet again to restore the search results to normal.

To find out if it is that easy for The Avengers, Endgame is in cinemas now and expected to crush box office records over its opening weekend.

It's a nice little touch that adds a bit of fun to Google. We guess if you're searching for Thanos anyway, you won't be too annoyed by him snapping the results away for a few seconds.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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