Microsoft’s Q3 2019 Earnings Call: What to Expect

Microsoft will reveal its Q3 2019 earnings call later today, with the company likely to at least match analyst expectations.

Source: BagoGames

will announce its fiscal year third quarter 2019 earnings today and all eyes will be on whether the company can continue its recent hot streak. Wall Street analysts a mostly in agreement on expectations. Consensus predictions suggest a revenue total of $29.86 billion for the quarter. Analysts are aiming for a 5.3% year-on-year increase on EPS (earnings per share) at $1. However, unless a major drop below expectations is recorded, it seems Microsoft can do little wrong at the moment. The company has vastly overperformed according to analyst predictions in recent years. CEO has steered the company to huge success based on cloud technology. Even during the last quarter when revenue dipped 4% short of expectations, few actively criticized the situation. After woes earlier this decade surrounding and , the fact is few expected to see Microsoft scale its dizzying heights ever again. That the company has means it can continue to ride the crest of the wave a while longer.

Continued Success

Again, that 4% drop last term (and even any drop in Q3) may be swept under the rug. That particular rug is one where Microsoft has overperformed 75% of the time over its last eight earnings calls. Included in that run was the company's first-ever revenue of over $100 billion. It is also worth noting analysts say there is greater likelihood the company will meet or better expectations. To find out, Microsoft will release its Q3 2019 financial results at the end of today when the markets close.