Samsung Galaxy View 2 Render Shows Folding Hinge Technology

Samsung Galaxy View 2 renders point to a folding hinge mechanism that doubles as a stand and screen lid for the oversized Android tablet.

Image: SamMobile

While has been exploring folding screen technology through internal patents and development for years, has been busy making the technology a reality. For all the suspense over the Surface Phone, Samsung's Galaxy Fold is real, albeit with plenty of problems. Now, the company is turning its folding technology to the Samsung Galaxy View 2. Firstly, this is not a folding screen but a folding device. Samsung has included a folding hinge mechanism. Also, it is worth noting these are just apparent renders. However, they come from notorious Samsung tipster SamMobile, so they are probably legit. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy View 2 is a sequel to the original Galaxy View, although it aims to make some changes. The first-generation View device was essentially an oversized tablet with an 18.4-inch screen. It was a media consumption tool for the home that never became popular. Luckily, Samsung is big enough that it can continue to test these niche , hence an upcoming Galaxy View 2. On the original , Samsung included a stand similar to Microsoft's Surface Pro devices. It seems this time the company will opt for a hinge. The mechanism will serve two purposes, acting as a stand and a folding lid for the screen.


Samsung is not going for blazing performance. The Galaxy View 2 packs a proprietary Exynos 7885 CPU with 3GB of RAM, which is standard as far as Android tablets go. As we have seen before, Android is a fairly horrible OS for larger screens, so we are interested to see tweaks Samsung has made to make it more compatible. SamMobile suggests the quality of the renders point to a near launch for the Samsung Galaxy View 2.