Microsoft Teams for iOS Gets a New Icon, Whiteboard Meeting Support

Microsoft Teams for iOS now prioritizes trending messages, supports new languages, and more.

for iOS has received a number of new features as part of its 1.0.72 . The most striking change to the app is the switch to its new icon, which features a rounder, simplified design.

The icon brings it in line with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which got their new ones last week. For those who like things uniform, it should be a nice relief.

Beyond that, though, Teams users can utilize Whiteboard during meetings, switch to new languages, and trending messages more easily. It also marks the debut of a new praise feature.

“Praise is a new way to encourage each other at work,” explains . “Send in a chat or channel to show your appreciation for coworkers. To find Praise, tap on the icon below where you type messages.”

Slack Competition is Heating Up

Microsoft has been continually updating its apps to keep up with its main competitor, . In recent times, though, has been upping the competition.

Last week, the app debuted deeper integration as a response to Microsoft's natural prowess in the area. On desktop, it now supports file previews, calendar, and more. It's far from the app-in-app support of Teams, but it's another step closer.

For Microsoft, though, the situation is a win-win. It gets to keep its Teams userbase but encourages others to use Office on the competing platform. With the new functionality, they're more likely to choose Office over Docs. Users can also import OneDrive files into Slack more easily.

You can grab the latest version of for iOS from the App Store.