Microsoft to Release Windows 10 April 2019 Update with BSOD Bug

Microsoft’s recent fix for an anti-cheat bug in Windows 10 April 2019 Update previews was only partial and the platform will release with potential to cause BSOD crashes.

Windows  BSOD fLIKR

We know is readying the launch of 10 April 2019 (version 1903), with next week being the likely release timeframe. However, a report suggests the company is willing to roll out the upgrade with a major bug attached.

Specifically, this bug potentially causes to crash with a (BSOD). It is worth noting this is only for some games running anti-cheat . Yes, this is the same issue we discussed last week when Microsoft released a fix.

Microsoft has been blocking users with that anti-cheat software from updating to previews on the Inside. With the fix last week, the company lifted that block allowing updates to commence.

Despite that, the situation comes with a significant caveat. Namely, Microsoft admits the fix does not work for some games. A bigger problem is the company has never said which games were affected and which ones remain at risk.

Incoming BSOD's

Furthermore, because the fix needs to be implemented on third-party software, only companies Microsoft worked with have issued the fix. Many developers say they have yet to issue it. Microsoft admitted this situation when it lifted the block.

“The block is being removed because the majority of games impacted by the issue have released updates for their games. So most gamers will no longer be impacted,” Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager on the Team, said.

In other words, Microsoft is sending out Windows 10 April 2019 Update knowing some machines will crash because of the anti-cheat software bug. LeBlanc was asked about this situation and admitted BSOD crashes are possible.

“If they haven't been fixed. A lot of this deals with third parties and I cannot speak on their behalf. The team on our side has told me a.) the majority of games that would hit this issue have issued a fix and b.) the block has been removed,” he explained.