Microsoft Lifts Windows 10 Preview Slow Ring Block for April 2019 Update RTM

Microsoft last week blocked some Slow Ring users from updating to Windows 10 Preview build 18362 due to an issue.

released 10 Preview 18362 on the Inside a couple of weeks ago, but some users had issues, so the company blocked the release. The preview was made unavailable for any Insider running 18356.16 until issued a fix.

With Patch Tuesday yesterday, the company came good with that fix. Rolled out as KB4496796, the patches 10 Preview build 18356.21. While that means the path is clear for users to to preview build 18362, the door is not open just yet.

Microsoft says it will be a few days before the update becomes available for that subset of users.

At the time, Microsoft said users on build 18356.16 were experiencing problems when updated and sent the following message:

“In the meantime, Build 18362 will no longer be offered to Insiders who are on Build 18356.16, so Insider PCs don't continue to try and take Build 18362 and fail.”

Full Steam Ahead

Now that little problem has been solved, Microsoft is likely to green light April 2019 Update (version 1903) for release next week. Preview build 18362 is widely thought to be the release to manufacturing (RTM) build for version 1903.

Unfortunately, the company is still keeping quiet on an official launch date. However, it seems most likely that Windows 10 version 1903 will be made available early next week. Like other Windows 10 versions, it will be rolling out in stages.

For users who do get the April 2019 Update early, perhaps it is worth reading our recent report on why it is worth delaying Windows updates.