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Microsoft Debuts TypeScript 3.4 for Developers

Microsoft’s TypeScript 3.4 comes with a new flag called incremental, which allows developers to save more information for ongoing projects.


has launched TypeScript 3.4, the latest version of its increasingly popular developer language. The new release comes with a headline feature called incremental, which is a flag integration for developers to type-check and make changes to existing projects.

TypeScript is growing in the development community because it give dev's easy tools for scaling up projects written in . This achieved as a compiler tool with security and check programs based on static arrays, strings, text, and numbers. TypeScript is an excellent choice for finding errors in JavaScript code.

As mentioned, leading the way in TypeScript 3.4 is a new flag called Incremental. Daniel Rosenwasser, program manager for the service says the flag “tells TypeScript to save information about the project graph from the last compilation.”

“The next time TypeScript is invoked with –incremental, it will use that information to detect the least costly way to type-check and emit changes to your project.”


In a blog today, Rosenwasser says developers can add incremental to a TypeScript file for Visual Studio Code editor and dramatically reduce the compile time for follow-on versions.

“For a project the size of Visual Studio Code, TypeScript's new –incremental flag was able to reduce subsequent build times down to approximately a fifth of the original,” he points out.

It is worth noting that TypeScript editor is still only available in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code when editing JavaScript files.

Rosenwasser has some good news by saying that may change “in the near future” as it will come to other editors such as NetBeans, Notepad++ and EMACS.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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