Microsoft Moves Close to Windows 10 April 2019 Update Release

Microsoft is stepping closer to the release of Windows 10 April 2019 Update by removing upgrade block and pulling faulty slow ring preview.

Now we are moving into April, is putting the finishing touches to 10 April 2019 (version 1903). The has been passing through the Insider Program for several month.

Last week, we reported on Microsoft pausing what was believed to be the RTM version of Windows 10 April 2019.

Specifically, it was removed for users updating from the last Slow Ring release, build 18356.16. says an issue is preventing users on that build upgrading to build 18362. The company has delayed the release for those users while it searches for a fix.

“In the meantime, Build 18362 will no longer be offered to Insiders who are on Build 18356.16, so Insider PCs don't continue to try and take Build 18362 and fail.”

While we speculated this could mean more issues for Windows , it was only an issue affecting one branch of Insiders. In fact, Microsoft seems to be moving ahead with a launch of and is removing upgrade blocks.

For example, Microsoft has removed an upgrade block it imposed on games using anti-cheat . Initially imposed in February, the block prevented users with an anti-cheat bug from updating.

“Many games that use anti-cheat have released fixes for the issue causing PCs to bugcheck (GSOD),” wrote Windows Insider lead Dona Sarkar.

“The upgrade block that prevents from updating to the latest build will be removed soon.” 


seems to be moving full steam ahead. Microsoft has still not officially said when version 1903 will leave preview and come to all users. We expect it to drop sometime next week, but the company could offer some details some time this week.

If you're interested in delaying the update once it rolls out, check out our report on why that's a good decision.