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Facebook to Introduce Hobbies to Connect More People

Facebook is planning a hobbies section that allows users to add their hobbies on their profile and connect with people with shared interests.


With all the controversy surrounding , it's easy to forget the company is also a massive social network with excellent features. Now Facebook wants to give users another way to connect. The company will soon allow members to put their hobbies onto their profile for others to see.

Ok, you may be thinking you can already do this by showing interests in the about page. However, the hobbies feature will go a step further than simply adding and displaying hobbies. Facebook will also help you connect with other users who share those hobbies.

The idea is to connect people who enjoy the same things. Like in other profile sections, Facebook will have a list of pre-installed hobbies, but users will also be able to choose their own.

Sure, this is a small addition, but it should make it easier for users to find other people who share their interests. Facebook groups are a big part of keeping people on the social network, so making it easier to connect through hobbies will allow the groups ability to thrive.

Clear History Feature

From one small change to a more important one. In the wake of its recent scandals, Facebook has said it is introducing a clear history feature later this year.

The feature is a tool for users to delete interactions with websites and third-parties on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg introduced the clear history feature at the company's F8 conference in May last year. The CEO said clear history works like a browser delete history tool, allowing users to clear searching history and cookies.

Furthermore, users will also be given the ability to stop Facebook from storing any history information.

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Last Updated on February 26, 2024 10:50 am CET

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