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Microsoft Teams with NVIDIA for Bing Text-to-Speech AI

Bing can now change text into speech and deliver search results in a natural voice. Microsoft has also worked with NVIDIA to boost visual search.


attended 's GPU Technology Conference this week and showcased new AI-inspired Bing tools built on a collaboration between Azure and NVIDIA. At the event, Microsoft debuted a AI model that delivers natural sounding replies. The AI is also capably of auto-detect multiple objects in an image to search for visual matches.

With the AI, Bing is capable of finding content faster and more efficiently. Microsoft leveraged its own Azure virtual machines partnered with NVIDIA GPUs and NIVIDIA CUDA-X software libraries.

In terms of text-to-speech abilities, the AI allows Bing to transfer typed text into speech. Importantly, the search engine can deliver spoken intelligent answers to users in a natural sounding voice.

In a blog post, Microsoft explains the “advance was made possible by breakthroughs in deep neural networks that give our AI human-like intonation and clear articulation of words. In addition to improvement to our , this capability as a real-time service would not be possible without the higher processing power of NVIDIA GPUs.”

Words to Text

Users can also use speech as an input method in Bing, where the AI will change spoken words into text and then search for the query. This means Bing has caught up with search on mobile in this regard.

With Bing's intelligent answers AI, users can get accurate responses and detailed search results. Microsoft says NVIDIA's faster GPUs have allowed deep learning models for intelligent answers to be enhanced.

“This advance allows us to provide answers for harder questions than ever before. For example, instead of the relatively simple answer to ‘what is the capital of Bangladesh', Bing can now provide answers to more complex questions, such as ‘what are different types of lighting for a living room', quicker than before.”

Visual search

The collaboration between Azure and NVIDIA has also led to improvements to visual search on Bing. Users are now able to conduct full image searches. For example, when looking at an image with an object you like, Bing can now conduct a search to find images that are visually similar.

“To save you time, visual search also automatically detects and places clickable hotspots over important objects you may want to search for next.”

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