Microsoft is rolling out its latest Skype preview to members of the Skype Insider Program. This update brings an important new feature to the app. Namely, users can now share files more easily with a handy new feature.

The new update brings the Skype preview up to version With the new file sharing tool, users can now preview the files they are sending before pushing them to a contact. The feature allows you to check the contents of the file to ensure it is accurate.

To see the function in action, add a file or photo to the message field before sending to a contact. When the file is in place, the preview windows will ask if you are sure this is the content you want to send.


As the preview is in the message pane, users can also add a message to the file. While this is simply a small feature, it adds more functionality to Skype version 8.

The update is only available to Skype Insider Program members at the moment, but should come to all users soon. Skype preview updates are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Group Calling

Last week, Microsoft announced Skype now supports up to 50 people in a group call. Microsoft has more than doubled the limit of this capability, which previously capped group calls at 25 people.

In combination with the ability, Microsoft has tweaked the call notification experience. The focus on making notifications less obtrusive so all 50 group members do not receive a ring when the call is started.