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Skype Now Supports 50 People in Group Calls

Microsoft has doubled the capacity for group call participants in Skype, while also improving the notification experience to be less intrusive.


In terms of messaging tools, most consumers are using or Messenger as their daily driver. 's has been losing users, although admittedly the service still thrives in enterprise. Perhaps Microsoft's latest feature for Skype will appeal more to those business users.

The company has released a new Skype Insider update that bumps the preview app to version Included in the update is a new feature for people with more than 50 people as contacts, whether that's a normal user or business.

Specifically, the feature allows users to enter group calls with up to 50 people. Microsoft has more than doubled the limit of this capability, which previously capped group calls at 25 people.

In combination with the ability, Microsoft has tweaked the call notification experience. The focus on making notifications less obtrusive so all 50 group members do not receive a ring when the call is started.

Instead, Skype will now send a regular notification to all members asking them to join the call. For the creator of the group, it will still be possible to ring individual members if needed. Microsoft says this new method is available across Skype, including for smaller group video calls.

Call Merging

Earlier this month, Microsoft returned the call merging feature to Skype version 8. Much to the dismay of users, Microsoft decided to ditch the merge call feature in Skype version 8. Customers took the loss to heart and have asked for its return. Proving that it does listen to user feedback, Microsoft has returned call merging.

Call merge allows users to connect an incoming call into a call that is ongoing.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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