Zuckerbeg YouTube Reuse

Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly killed a goat with a “laser gun”, controls large swathes of the internet, and has a bad haircut. He has the recipe for a good bond villain and, according to new reports, he may even have an escape chute.

The tidbit was discovered by Business Insider, who did a deep dive on the Facebook CEO’s security plans. By speaking to current and former employees, it was able to build a picture of his level of protection.

Those sources say Zuckerberg has 24/7 protection officer outside his Bay Area home, which contains a panic room. His team sweeps bars, vets doctors, and assesses any instructors. They drive him to every location and blend in with employees at company events to stop any would-be assassins.


Escape Chute Rumors

Further, there are rumors of a secret escape chute that goes from his bullet-resistant conference room to a parking garage. This information is allegedly closely guarded, with only one source agreeing he’d been briefed on it.

With Zuckerberg’s level of notoriety, these things may well be necessary. In the past year, Facebook has been in the public eye during multiple privacy scandals. Facebook’s security team has previously revealed that he receives multiple death threats a day and that the social media platform is utilized to track the location of threats.

Recent SEC documents reveal that the sum of all this security is $10 million for the CEO and his family. However, some of the protection is actually diverted towards his admirers.

According to BI, Zuckerberg gets many unsolicited presents to his home, all of which must be inspected by his team. Ironically, the CEO has experienced the price of privacy invasions, and it’s not a cheap one.