Microsoft Launcher 5.2 is finally available to all after its beta release in late January. The build brings a number of useful tweaks, from easier one-handed navigation to improved diagnostics and long-press shortcuts.

Still, the new Microsoft Rewards card is likely to be the most appreciated addition. From it, users can see a list of tasks they can complete each day to earn points. Once completed, the list updates, making it easy to track and get rewards quickly. You can also earn points just for using the launcher.

It’s joined by several smaller tweaks that make the Launcher a smooth experience. Folders have been tweaked significantly by removing their fullscreen nature. This was quite annoying when using XL phones, so it’s great to see this adjustment.


Users can enable this change via personalization>app folders. Though it’s a better option for many, Microsoft is yet to enable it as a default. Under the new system, folders will appear in a small white box rather than in the middle of the screen.

Font Size, Shortcuts, and CPU profiling

The build also respects Android’s system font size rather than overwriting it. This will be especially helpful for those with eyesight issues.

Also useful is the ability to send a CPU profile via the contact form. The feature is hidden under Contact Us>Help make Microsoft Launcher better, and should aid the company in its optimizations.

Finally, users will notice that long-press shortcuts now behave as expected. They apply even if the home screen is locked. You can grab the latest version of Microsoft Launcher from the Google Play Store.