Microsoft’s recent feature updates for Skype have seen focused on solving some issues with the problematic version 8 of the service. The latest Skype update available today brings back a feature that Microsoft had previously removed.

Much to the dismay of users, Microsoft decided to ditch the merge call feature in Skype version 8. Customers took the loss to heart and have asked for its return. Proving that it does listen to user feedback, Microsoft has returned call merging.

The change has been made through the release of Skype version As the name of the feature suggests, call merge allows users to connect an incoming call into a call that is ongoing.


Call merge was useful because it made it easier to connect group calls within having to create a group. While Microsoft has re-introduced the feature, it seems to be currently limited to the Windows desktop version of the Skype app.

We guess Microsoft will roll the feature out to other platforms, but the company has not made an official announcement.

Also of note is the fact version 8.41.76. is a Skype Insider Program build, so it is only available to users running that program. Microsoft will test the build through the Insider Program and release it to all users in the near feature.

The Skype Preview application is available from the Microsoft Store here.

New Chat Windows

Last month, Microsoft moved the chat window location for Skype on Windows. If you use the app a lot, you will know the chat panel during calls has been on the left. This was fine but presented some interface limitations. Specifically, it prevented users from checking the lists of conversations at the same time as the chat for the call.

Microsoft has solved this by now making the chat panel open on the right size. Furthermore, users can now customize the window through resizing.