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Windows 10 on ARM Could Run on Nintendo Switch

Developers who brought Windows 10 on ARM to Raspberry Pi and Lumia 950 could put the OS onto the Nintendo Switch console.


Earlier today, we reported on developers continuing to developer for the Lumia 950 smartphones. The same development team behind the creation also brought the OS to Raspberry Pi 3 last month. Now the lead developer has showcased Windows 10 on ARM could also come to .

Ben, the lead developer on the project, sent out s tweet chain that described how Windows 10 on ARM could land on the Switch. At the moment, the OS will not load on Nintendo's console, a few tweaks should allow the platform to run.

With Windows 10 for ARM, has tried to blend the best of mobile and PC. On Always Connected PCs, that means huge battery life and portability. On a mobile device, Windows 10 for ARM would allow a smartphone to run a full PC platform.

Ben says memory regions need to be updated to allow the OS to run on the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, when the platform is finally installed, it will likely perform slowly on the device.

Raspberry Pi 3 and Lumia Integration

Developers have now added a new feature to ARM on Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL devices. However, one major stumbling block is the lack of cellular activity on the OS. That means this is very much just a test and cannot be viably adopted by users just yet.

Windows 10 on ARM (WoA) initiative is the perfect answer for Raspberry Pi. José Manuel Nieto developed the installer and made it available on GitHub. In the release notes, he says the tool was created to be easy to use and does not need drivers.

“WoA Installer is only a tool with helps you with the deployment. WoA Installer needs a set of binaries, AKA the Core Package, to do its job. These binaries are not mine and are bundled and offered just for convenience to make your life easier, since this tool is focused on simplicity,” José Manuel Nieto ?explains.

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