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Microsoft Band Health App to Shutter in May

Microsoft Band owners will no longer be able to log in to support software, but Microsoft is offering a generous refund to active users.


Who remembers the fitness tracking wearable? Well, many do, and we guess a significant many still own the hardware. That is about to change as the Band is becoming obsolete. Microsoft has said it will kill off its Band and Microsoft Health Dashboard app this year.

On May 31st, Microsoft will shutter the portals more than two years after it discontinued the Band. Over the last two years, the Microsoft Band has remained useful because the related software has remained open. That is about to change, and support will end.

The company says the backend will be closed and the apps will be removed from 's App Store, Play, and the Microsoft Store. By June, all cloud-powered services will stop working.

Microsoft is putting infrastructure in place to help existing Band users. For example, users can export their data before the deadline. It is also worth noting the Microsoft Band will not be completely useless following this cut off.

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People who own the wearable will still be able to record steps, track workouts and sleep, use the alarm, follow daily activity, and read their heart rate. Of course, none of the data will be available in the apps any more, but the Band will still give this information.

However, it is important to note Microsoft says if users reset the device, it will be “impossible to set up the device again”. So, if you want to keep use it, don't reset it.

For those who just want to move on from the Microsoft Band experience, Microsoft is letting active users apply for a refund on the device. This offer is limited to users who have synced data on the Health Dashboard between December 1st, 2018 and March 1st, 2019.

Microsoft's refund is very generous. The company is offering $79.99 for the Band 1 and $175 for the Band 2.

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