Microsoft has launched a new update for its Game Bar on Windows 10. We would class this as a small update, but it does add a couple of interesting new features. Available now, the update bumps the Game Bar to version 2.24.5004.0.

Users of the Windows 10 Game Bar can now see a Gallery option, which allows them to share screenshots with contacts. The second new feature is a new option to show or hide the animations of the bar.

Here is the official changelog from Microsoft:

  • Added Gallery option to view and share all the captures in real-time.
  • Added option to show/hide animations of the game bar.

Microsoft’s new Game Bar update is skipping testing and moving straight to the Production branch. That means users already updated to Windows 10 version 1809 (October 2018 Update) can receive the update now. To try the Game Bar, the tool is available from the Microsoft Store here.

To see Windows 10 Game Bar, open the app from the Start Menu of shortcut via Ctrl + G. Among the abilities in the application are customization of audio channels and audio controls.

If you are unfamiliar with Game Bar, it is a feature for PC gamers on the platform. It offers quick access to settings and abilities, such as game recording and screenshots.

Recent Update

Back in October, Microsoft added some interesting new features to the Game Bar. Among those changes was converting the bar into an application, allowing users to choose whether they want it or not.

Microsoft also toned-down interruptions:

“Fewer gaming interruptions: Based on feedback from gamers, we’ve simplified the way Game Mode works. Now auto-enabled for all games with a master On/Off toggle in Windows Settings, Game Mode suppresses Windows Update driver installs and blocks Windows Update interruptions such as restart notifications while you’re gaming. You may also see improved game performance with less FPS variability depending on the specific game and system.”