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Google Duo Arrives Online as Skype Web Competitor

Google Duo is increasingly positioning itself as a viable competitor to Skype and is now officially available on web browsers.


Last month, we reported Google Duo would be arriving on the web to offer a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Skype. Now Google is pushing the service out live through the duo.google.com portal. Through their browser, users can place calls.

Google has sold Duo on its ease of use. A simple interface allows users to pick the app up and start using it quickly. So far it has paid off with Duo receiving good reviews on iOS and Google Play.

That ease of use has been transferred to the web version. Google Duo again removes the need to setup anything, just allowing users to get started quickly. For example, Google does not ask for any phone number authentication, which it does on many other services.

Of course, users need to have and be logged into a Google account to use Duo on web. Once logged in, users will see their contacts synced form a mobile device, allowing for easy click access to someone you want to call.

Google Duo on the web supports video and voice calls. When starting a call, users see a preview windows that lets them check everything is in visual order before commencing.

It seems that Google has rolled the service out universally so all users can access it now.

Group Calling

Last month, we reported on an in-development group calling feature for Google Duo.

Users are not going to get a group video calling experience they would have on other services, such as Skype. For example, the group chat function will support just seven people. It is also impossible to add a new member to the chat once the call has started.

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