According to reports, Microsoft is prepping its Xbox Game Pass service for release on the Nintendo Switch. The information comes from the Direct-Feed Games YouTube channel and has since been confirmed by GameInformer’s sources.

If true, it would be a significant expansion of Microsoft’s newfound openness. Though it expanded its Xbox exclusives to Windows 10 PCs with Play Anywhere, its willingness to work with competitors is significant.

Preparing for xCloud

Much of this is likely to be prompted by the company’s upcoming game streaming service, xCloud. With it, the company wants to bring gaming to every device, and a handheld like the Switch would be fantastic.

GameInformer’s sources say a launch on Switch could come as early as this year, and Microsoft has also confirmed it’ll be revamping Game Pass on PC.

For the unfamiliar, Microsoft has promised that all of its first-party exclusives will be on GamePass from day one. With its recent acquisitions like Ninja Theory and Obsidian Entertainment, as well as it’s The Initiative’ studio.

All told, it would be quite a few new releases for the Switch. However, it’s unlikely Sony will be as co-operative. The company is still pushing games to its PSNow game streaming service, which competes with GamePass in some ways. It’s also been very closed about cross-platform, punishing Fortnite players and denying Rocket League crossplay.

As the Switch rumors have origins in a relatively small YouTube channel it’s worth taking them with a grain of salt. The fact they’ve been confirmed by a secondary outlet makes it seem more plausible, but it’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this fall-through.