Microsoft Teams for Android has received a major update, finally adding support for a dark mode and adding several useful new features and tweaks. This build takes the app to version 1416/

Unlike other Microsoft apps, Teams’ dark mode seems to be a good implementation. It’s not OLED but turns everything a dark gray. Messages take on gray or purple color, depending on the sender, and there are still splashes of orange, green, red, and blue in the app. The only caveat is that Teams’ must be restarted to enable the mode, so no quick switching.

1416 also adds the ability to record and send audio messages, which will be useful for those who don’t want to or are unable to type. This combines with new audio options that will let users choose their audio, video and phone preferences before starting a meeting.


RSVPs and PDFs

In addition to this, Microsoft has made unspecified improvements to the PDF viewing experience. Users are also able to add notes to RSVP’s now, which is likely to be extremely useful.

Finally, there have been general bug fixes and performance improvements to increase the stability of the Android app.

The additions follow feature rumors earlier in the week. According to Petri, Microsoft Teams will receive the ability to add custom backgrounds to video calls this year, with Skype likely to follow. The improvements take additional steps towards competing with Slack, alongside the Teams’ free, limited version.

You can grab the latest version of Microsoft Teams from the Google Play store.