Over the last year, we have seen Google increasingly seek to integrate its Chrome browser more deeply in Windows 10. Just last week we reported on the company’s efforts to bring Microsoft’s Dark Mode to its web browser. Now Google is seeking to bring a more native experience to Chrome-based Progressive Web Apps on Windows 10.

In the latest beta update for Chrome 73, the company is testing a Badges features for PWAs installed on Windows through the Chrome browser. When a PWA is installed through the browser and pinned to the taskbar, the taskbar icon will now provide badge notifications.

For example, a PWA service like Twitter will show unread messages in the Badge. The relevant API can now be used by developers. Badges are updated more frequently than notification.

Elsewhere, Google is also planning a new option for the Omnibox that will allow PWAs to install more quickly:

“Add flag for omnibox installation button for PWA sites. This CL adds a feature flag for the new omnibox installation button for PWAs,” the documentation says

The new Badges for PWAs should be available with the full release of Chrome 73 next month.

PWAs on Windows 10

Progressive Web Apps have been available on Windows 10 since the launch of Chrome 70 last October. With the release, Windows 10 users could install PWAs directly from the browser. Once the app is installed, it will appear in the Start Menu and will function like a native app.

PWAs allow web apps to function on desktop, potentially allowing the app gap on Windows 10 to be reduced.