Trump wants to band TikTok in the U.S.

As the technological world moves towards complete artificial intelligence (AI) integration, governments are following suit. In the United States, the Trump Administration has signed off on the “American A.I. Initiative”.

Details about the program were announced before President Trump signed off on the deal. The government has introduced the American A.I. Initiative to maintain the country’s position as an innovation leader.

Among the remits of the executive order are models for creating AI solutions. Trump said the initiative will deliver “bold, decisive actions” for AI development.

As is usual with the Trump administration, the plan is heavy on hyperbole but low on concise details. For example, the order does not say how the American A.I. Initiative will achieve its goals. As The New York Times notes, omissions in the order include how funding will be acquired to drive AI innovation.

Any AI developments will rely on research and development, and potentially collaborations with tech companies. Certainly, organizations like Microsoft and Google are further ahead in their own AI solutions.

Good or Bad

Some critics of the American A.I. Initiative say the program is merely the government covering its bases with little substance. Numerous other countries, such as China, are further ahead in their own AI programs and some argue the U.S. simply does not want to be seen to be falling behind.

Not that the program seems to be completely worthless. For example, it details a plan for incentivizing technology education for the American workforce. So, it is safe to say the initiative is a first step, whether it is an important one remains to be seen.