Microsoft  October Event Paint D

With the launch of the Creators Update two years ago, Microsoft revamped the Paint experience on Windows 10. Paint 3D was launched, integrating augmented reality and 3D into the program. The classic MS Paint program remained on the platform, although Microsoft was expected to eventually remove it.

Indeed, the company has been warning users for the last two years that MS Paint will be removed. However, Aggiornamenti Lumia has found the Product Alert has now been taken down.

Discovered in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build, it is unclear what the removal of the notice means. The most obvious meaning is that Microsoft has decided not to kill off MS Paint. Although, it could also mean the company is now ready to take down the app entirely and has no need for the notice.

We certainly hope it’s the former. Not least because while Paint 3D is a solid app, most users have not embraced it. MS Paint remains the go-to for most users thanks to its simplicity and efficiency. In contrast, Paint 3D is more complicated.

Paint 3D

Microsoft clearly wants Paint 3D to be more useable. The company is heading deeper into mixed reality development through Windows Mixed Reality and Paint 3D could be a powerful tool for creators.

The company continues to add functionality to the app to boost its usefulness. When launched, Paint 3D was a content creation tool that allows users to build 3D models and interact with them in various ways.