Google’s ever popular Gmail email client is scoring an important new update. A new bump for the service is currently rolling out with an interesting new feature on board. Google says it has overhauled the context menu for emails to provide a better right-click experience.

While right clicking on emails in the inbox is supported in the current Gmail version, options are limited. At the moment, the service allows users to “Move to tab”, “Archive”, “Mark as unread”, and “Delete” when they right click on an email.

Those are good basic options, but Google wants to make Gmail more intuitive. With that in mind, the app now supports much more options. We are not just talking a few, Gmail has gained 8 more options in the right click menu.

Users can now reply to emails directly from this menu, which is a time saver that means not needing to open the email. Of course, in this instance you will need to know what the email says before replying.

Other options embedded in the new Gmail update are search for more emails by sender, forward, and open multiple emails in different windows.

Google details all the capabilities of the menu:

  • Reply to, or forward, an email in one click from the main page
  • Search for all emails from a sender
  • Search for all emails with the same subject (if conversation view is turned off)
  • Open multiple emails in multiple new windows at the same time
  • Easily add a label or move an email 

As mentioned, the new features are rolling out in stages. Mountain View says G Suite users on Rapid Release domains will be the first to see the changes. As for everyone else, we guess the new right click capabilities will land in the coming weeks.