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Chrome Canary Gets Automatic Dark Mode, but It’s Nerfed by Windows 10

The latest Chrome Canary lets the browser switch to a dark mode with the system theme. Unfortunately, the inability to switch automatically on Windows 10 holds back the feature.


's latest Chrome Canary has added some exciting new features to the browser. Following recent UI trends, the browser will get a dark mode. It will also take a page out of Edge's book by providing more information when hovering over a tab.

Unlike other implementations, Chrome's dark mode will change automatically when it's enabled system-wide on Windows 10 or MacOS. This should reduce eyestrain when working in the evenings, and is a very welcome change to the browser.

Still, the mode will do little to affect the content on web pages. Though Chrome's interface is black, a lot of pages still use light colors. That includes Google search, which doesn't have a toggle, though , Reddit, and a number of other sites do.

Limited by Windows

There are problems with Windows, too. Poor dark mode implementation on the OS essentially makes this a manual toggle anyway.

Windows users can toggle a dark mode in settings, but there's no option to have it turn on automatically at sunset. For that, you have to use Task Scheduler or the Windows Auto-Night-Mode app to modify the registry.

This may change with the next Windows feature update, which is set to introduce a Light Mode. It's due in the first half of the year, which is coincidentally when the Chrome change will roll out to all users.

You can grab the latest Chrome Canary here to check out the dark mode. Just be aware that there may be bugs and stability issues which could lead to data loss.

SourceThe Verge
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