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Microsoft to Clarify KB Error Confusion in Windows 10 19H1

Many users are confused by KB app error messages in Windows. In Windows 10 19H1, Microsoft will provide dialogue panes with more information and knowledgebase links.


's KB number updates are hotfixes for issues in the company's service. KB is an abbreviation for Knowledge Base and each hotfix is assigned a number and an article. A KB article is written by Microsoft staff to discuss the known issue being fixed in the update.

While many frequent Windows flyers may know this, most average users are confused by what a KB is. As a consequence, they don't know what to do when they see a KB update in the Windows 10 setup.

Microsoft realizes this is a problem and will launch a simpler system with this spring. Under the current system, Microsoft does not link the KB article in error notifications, leaving many users confused about what it is.

The latest previews of Windows 10 19H1 on the Insider Program show Microsoft is changing its setup error message. Windows will now present more helpful messages, alongside actionable features.

Firstly, a link to the corresponding KB article will now be provided through a “Learn More” link. Users will also be given the option to directly update or uninstall an app that is affected by the issue the KB update addresses.

Confirming the new system, Microsoft says software developers will have a space for support notes to give users more information.

Windows 10 19H1

Last week, we found out the build number of 19H1 for the first time, while also gained some insight into when the platform will launch.

Microsoft released its newest preview on the Insider Fast Ring. The update shows 19H1 will be Windows 10 version 1903. Microsoft finalizes builds a few weeks before the final launch to all users. That means Windows 10 version 1903 with finalize in March and launch in April.

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