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Microsoft Updates Project Rome SDK on Android and iOS

Version 1.0 SDK for Project Rome is now available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms, expanding Rome developer reach.


has announced the release of the Project Rome SDK for mobile devices. The company has rolled out version 1.0 of the SDK to and iOS platforms. Developers running the SDK receive an object model in local storage, native , and a publish-subscribe pattern to update the app.

Project Rome has been available on Android and iOS since 2017. The software is designed to bring developers closer to a cross-platform environment, something Microsoft says is now the norm for customers.

Creating solutions across is not easy, so Project Rome is a platform that makes that process easier. Fluidity between platforms is an important part of modern application development.

“Our vision with Project Rome is to deliver a personal operating system that is not tied to a device or a platform. Imagine that you or your users live in a world where it does not matter what device, platform or form factor you are on, and the task or the project you are working on can happen regardless of the form factor.”

Microsoft Graph

Underpinning Project Rome is Microsoft's Graph tool, which allows smoother app transition across form factors through Graph APIs:

  • Extend the experience: A developer could extend their app to launch on a bigger screen that may be more suited for the task at hand.
  • Augment the experience: A developer could create a companion experience for their app on another of the user's devices. This can aid in providing another view of functionality in their app.
  • Enrich the experience: A developer could add additional controlling abilities to their app. An example of this could be where a developer provides remote control abilities for their main app from a companion device.

For the latest version of the SDK for Android and iOS, head to Microsoft's support page here.

Luke Jones
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