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Microsoft 365 Receives Compliance and Security-Focused Update

This month’s Microsoft 365 update has plenty of changes surrounding compliance and privacy data improvements and features.


Subscribers to 365 are receiving their usual monthly round of updates for the service. In a blog post, Microsoft has described new tools for Teams, improved interactive features for PowerPoint, and many more features. Furthermore, has received more efficient privacy protection solutions to comply with new policies.

Let's start there. Microsoft 365 users now have a workspace the allows security professionals to access compliance risks within their organizations. Called the Compliance Manager tool, the feature provides the ability to track regulatory changes. The service offers a score reflecting organizational compliance.

Microsoft has also introduced new Information Protection abilities to enhance security. Designed to protect data, the new features can classify content from Office applications. Microsoft 365 will label content as “Non-Business”, “General”, and “Highly Confidential”, and other types.

In a blog post, Microsoft explains why compliance and privacy features are increasingly important in :

“Since the enactment of the European Union's General Data Protection (GDPR), we're seeing two fundamental changes in the world that require organizations to think about privacy. First, GDPR started a global wave of countries and regions implementing their own privacy laws—starting with California, Brazil, and more to follow. Second, we've seen a shift in consumer attitude towards privacy and protecting personal data. For example, according to a recent survey published by Forrester, 43 percent of U.S. consumers are likely to cancel an online transaction if they read something in the privacy policy that they don't like.”

Continuing with the new Microsoft 365 update, the service is also getting improved Advanced Data Governance and better label analytics. Elsewhere, a file plan manager government policy migration tool has also been added. Also, Advanced eDiscovery is receiving new features, such as the ability to review, redact, and modify content in a legal document.


Finally, customers are now receiving a streamlined compliance requirement for their regulated teams. For example, the Supervision tool located in Security & Compliance Center is now able to review communications in Teams channels and Exchange emails.

Also, in Teams, Microsoft has adopted its machine learning technology to help enhance the offensive language filter. The app can now automatically classify and flag sensitive language and data.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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