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Microsoft To-Do’s File Attachments Are Now Available on All Platforms

Microsoft To-Do users can finally attach files of any kind, with a limit of 25 MB. The feature is only available on personal lists.


Last week, we reported on an often requested feature for To-Do: file attachments. At the time, it was only available in the beta client, but this week has seen a full release across platforms.

In To-Do version 1.49, users on any platform can attach files or photos. This includes Windows, iOS, and Android. A new add file menu is present on tasks, with users able to add as many as they want and see them on other PCs.

One limitation, though, is file size. Microsoft doesn't allow users to attach files that are above 25 MB, which could be an issue. Though most Word documents will be fine, larger Excel documents could be a struggle.

It's also worth noting that this feature is only available on personal lists. You're currently unable to do so on shared ones, but Microsoft says it's working on it.

Exchange Support and More File Types

Despite this, file attachments will still be very useful. In the beta build, Microsoft To-Do only supported images. That appears to have changed in this version, with ‘all files' now attachable.

To-Do also uses Exchange to sync with Office 365 accounts. This means you'll be able to see your file attachments in Outlook Tasks on the Windows desktop client, too. In all, it's a big step forward for an app that's still fighting to replace . The team has plenty of other features in the work, including planner integration and folder support.

If you don't see the feature in your app, you may have to update to the beta version or wait a little while. Microsoft says attachments are rolling out on Android throughout the week. You can grab the latest update here.

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