Microsoft To-Do Beta for Android Finally Gets Support for File Attachments

The latest version of Microsoft To-Do lets users attach photos, add new tasks from a notification, and fixes several issues.

Just last month, we noted that despite significant progress on for , users can't attach files. Thanks to a new beta build that annoyance is finally over. Version 1.49.7632 lets users add them to specific tasks, with a few limitations.

In its current form, file attachments for To-Do are image-only. You can't attach important files like Office documents, .psd files, etc. You're also unable to add files to shared lists, which is one of the most useful scenarios.

Clearly, it's still early days, but To-Do does support syncing to PCs, where an Insider build also implements the functionality. Microsoft says it will have more filetype options soon, and it's likely shared list support will follow.

As well filetypes, users can add a new task to their list directly from the To-Do tile in the Android notification bar. When they create a task, they can add due dates, reminder, and recurrence via a ‘rich entry bar'.

Microsoft To-Do Fixes and Adjustments

As usual, this build also contains several fixes and minor improvements. Scaling issues on devices with a large font size and small screen have been resolved, no longer cutting off list items. The keyboard is also hidden during sign-in when you aren't using the app, so you'll be able to see it properly in the app switch screen. Finally, Microsoft has made a number of unspecified accessibility fixes.

As usual, you can grab the latest version of Microsoft To-Do from the Google Play store. To sign-up for the beta, head to Google+ and press ‘join'. You can grab the Windows 10 version from the store for cross-device syncing.