It’s getting easier to manage Microsoft Rewards thanks to a Microsoft Launcher beta update. Version 5.2 of the Android app comes with a dedicated card on the home screen for quick access.

The card gives users links to the tasks they can complete to earn rewards, including the use of Microsoft Launcher. This makes it incredibly easy to quickly earn points, and the launcher updates once you complete them. With this change, it should be easier to get into a routine of completing your daily tasks.

The build also makes it easier to navigate. Microsoft has made a significant change to folders by removing their fullscreen nature. This was quite annoying when using XL phones, so it’s great to see this adjustment.

This isn’t enabled by default, requiring a toggle in personalization>app folders. Once enabled, icons appear in a small white box wherever they’re placed. If you navigate one-handed, this should be a life saver.

Text, Icons, and Diagnostics

Speaking of icons, long-pressing them is now possible even when the home screen is locked. Fonts across the launcher also adapt to your system text size, which is a nice change.

Finally, users¬†may also note the ability to send more diagnostic¬†information when troubleshooting. According to Microsoft, you can send a CPU profile via the Contact Us menu in settings. I’m not seeing it personally, but it may vary depending on the device.

None of these additions are major, but this build does hold some great usability tweaks. You can join the Microsoft Launcher beta here, and grab the latest build from the Google Play store.