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Microsoft Garage Launches XAML Studio for Efficient XAML Coding

Developers can use Microsoft Garage’s new XAML Studio to create UWP XAML code and manage it in real time before copying to Visual Studio.


is at it again, creating another tool that will can file firmly under “interesting” and “useful”. Specifically, the division has rolled out a service called XAML Studio. The tool allows application developers to create Universal Windows Platform (UWP) XAML more easily.

Once projects are created in XAML Studio, dev's can easily copy the results into Visual Studio. The benefit of creating in the studio is the ability to preview XAML code in real time. Furthermore, developers can further edit and interact as if the code is running in an app.

“XAML Studio is about that quick prototyping loop. Using this tool, I can type my XAML and see how it renders right away. Then, I can interact with it and explore how it behaves before it goes in my app,” said the creator of the Microsoft Garage project.

The Studio is available from the Microsoft Store here and comes with the following features:

  • A live and interactable preview window
  • Live Binding and Debugging
  • Data Context Editor
  • Auto-save and restore documents
  • IntelliSense
  • Documentation Toolbox
  • Alignment Guides
  • Namespace Helpers


XAML Studio provides a platform for developers to elaborate code ideas visually, with the added ability of being able to properly test the results.

“Provide Data Context to your UI to fill it with static test data or live data from a JSON REST API. Then use our revolutionary binding debugging to not only see how a back-end data source connects to the front-end UI, but spot where errors are occurring and what the most recent values were.”

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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