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Microsoft Teams Scores New Calling Features on iOS and Android

Microsoft Teams has netted some significant features on both platforms, including call recording and parking, 1:1 group call escalation for PTSN, and more.


continues its rapid evolution with another update on and iOS. This time, the focus is on calling and meetings, with some significant improvements on both platforms. For Android, this update pushes the version to On iOS, version 1.0.62 has the same improvements, as well as some additional considerations.

The first meetings related improvement is the ability to start and stop call recordings from the app. This feature has been available on desktop for some time, so it's great to see it on other platforms. Only the meeting organizer or those from the same organization can start a recording, so I can see this being useful when traveling.

On top of this, is looking to emulate some features of regular phone calls. Users are able to put a call on and get a unique code for retrieval. There's also 1:1 group call escalation for PTSN calls. On iOS, these features are available, as well as the ability to make calls for someone else. However, it's worth noting that some of these require a phone system license.

On Android, there's been one non-phone related improvement  – the ability to copy links to channel messages. On iOS, there have been a number of bug fixes and performance improvements to ensure a smoother experience.

The latest statistics suggest that Microsoft Teams is rapidly gaining on its rival, Slack, and now hosts over 329,000 companies. Part of this is likely consistent improvements like these, as well as the Office 365 integrations.

You can grab the latest version of the app on Android and iOS now.

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