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Lenovo Bitlocker Problems on Windows Continue but There Could be a Fix

Microsoft and Lenovo are arguing about who is to blame for Bitlocker BSODs on the IdeaPad 300S. Whether it’s a software or hardware issue, one user has a potential fix.


We are used to hearing about problems with , but some issues manage to slip under the radar. For example, take an ongoing issue with recovery on IdeaPad laptops. Issues have been persistent, and users are still noting problems with the Windows disk encryption tool.

Reports point to the problem mainly affecting Lenovo IdeaPad 100S machines. Users say after new updates, the Bitlocker keeps throwing blue screen of death (BSOD) errors at them. The machine then asks for the recovery key even if they user has never set one.

At the moment, and Lenovo are playing a game of pointing fingers. Microsoft says the Chinese PC OEM needs to issue a fix, while Lenovo believes the underlying problem is with Windows 10.

For the outside looking in, it would seem logical to if think this is a Windows-specific issue it would affect more machines. Microsoft insists this is a hardware problem with the IdeaPad 100S and maybe other PCs in the series.

That certainly seems to be the case if we look at the 100S. The laptop does not have a TPM chip on board, while there is also no separate boot option or a partitioned drive. In other words, the IdeaPad 100S is now set up to meet the criteria for Bitlocker.

Potential Fix

As usual, non-official sources have been working hard to come up with a fix. One potential workaround has been offered whereby the user depletes the battery and then runs recovery media. WindowsReport has posted the solution as sent by a user:

“A resolution for your Bitlocker issue may be to run recovery media after your devices battery has been drained.
Please spend the next few days draining this battery as you see fit.
In the meantime please create yourself a Recovery Media using the below steps (on a separate device);
Here is the link of the Microsoft page. And the direct link for the tool.
(Follow the steps on the first link to create an installation media on a USB drive) When this is created and the battery is completely empty please follow these steps to run this.
Please do ensure that your device is fully drained of power and that you start this process as soon as you place the device on charge to provide power.”

At the moment, that's the best bet if you are a Lenovo IdeaPad 300S user facing persistent Bitlocker problems. In the meantime, we will wait for Microsoft and Lenovo to decide who is to blame.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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