WhatsApp is looking to cement its position as one of the leading messaging apps with a flurry of new features for Apple’s iOS. The Facebook-owned company has rolled out a new update for iPhone, introducing plenty of features. On iOS, WhatsApp is bumped to version 2.19.10 through this release.

It is worth noting that v2.19.10 is currently running in beta. WhatsApp launched a beta service on iOS last month. As with other preview programs, the beta lets users test out upcoming updates ahead of wide release. The trade off for early access is having to deal with bugs as features are still in development.

Either way, this update is now available on beta and should reach wider iOS users soon. In terms of new features, WhatsApp has expanded its stickers. Specifically, following the recent introduction of Location Stickers, the app now lets users place any sticker on images, videos, and GIFs.

Emoji users should now be able to find emojis more efficiently thanks to a redesigned menu. Categories are now clearer, while stickers are categorized under options such as Time, Personal, and Location.

Private Reply and 3D Touch

Privacy is being expanded on iPhone through the ability to reply to a group message in private. WhatsApp previously rolled this feature to Android, it allows users to select a specific message in a group and respond privately.

3D Touch is a big part of Apple’s iPhone experience these days. Developer support has been consistent, and WhatsApp is expanding its 3D Touch capabilities. In status, users can now see a status quickly with 3D Touch. Also, in the status section the app will not send read receipts, allowing you to finally view a contacts status without them knowing.

WhatsApp is available on iOS from the App Store here.