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Mozilla Brings Firefox to Windows 10 on ARM

In terms of app support, the release of Firefox on Windows 10 on ARM is a big win. However, at the moment only nightly releases are available.


's on ARM is growing slowly as the company faces a similar problem as other attempts to drive a new Windows platform… apps. There is a lack of application that run natively on the platform. Drumming up developer support is important, so every major new app is a win. Take 's Firefox for example, which is now coming to .

The first pre-release builds for the Firefox web browser are now landing on ARM64 architecture for Windows. As you may know, this is Mozilla's “nightly” version of the browser that is a preview build to test new features.

As such Mozilla says there may be some basic functionality issues. This may be more the case as the company is testing the bowser on new architecture, so Mozilla is warning users may face more than the normal amount of hiccups.

“There are still a few areas that we know need work: the Gecko profiler is not functional, but should be by the end of the week. The crashreporter does not work. Our top-tier JS JIT (IonMonkey) is not turned on. WebRTC is not turned on. EME (Netflix, etc.) does not work yet. And so forth…Did I mention that these are nightlies?”

Browser on ARM

Of course, Microsoft's own Edge browser is also available on Windows 10 on ARM. Perhaps more significantly, Chrome will come to the software soon. Late last year, , Microsoft's main partner in Windows ARM, said Chromium will come to the platform soon.

As you may remember, Microsoft has also said its Edge browser is now also based on Chromium.

As for Firefox, you can get it for Windows 10 on ARM here. There is support for the full updater and installer.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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