Microsoft OneDrive logo official

OneDrive Files on-Demand is coming to Mac, 19 months after its Windows release. The feature was announced for Apple products from the beginning, and Microsoft now appears ready to roll it out.

The powerful feature lets users keep documents online rather than taking up valuable hard drive space. It integrates with services like SharePoint and can be accessed directly from File Explorer or Finder.

When a user wants to access the file, they can edit without having to download it. You exclude certain important folders from the feature or specify only specific ones to ensure you a lack of connection doesn’t impact you too badly. The only real limiting factor is upload speed and the amount of OneDrive storage.

Storage Heaven

Files on-Demand has proven popular on PC, but it’s likely to be even more useful on Mac. The base model MacBooks have very limited storage that can soon become an issue if you have a lot of images or videos.

As usual, Microsoft’s take has more customization to it than iCloud and is more suitable for the enterprise. Unfortunately, it’s currently exclusive to MacOS Mojave, the latest version of the OS. This means those with earlier Mac models won’t be able to gain access, and plans for earlier versions aren’t on the roadmap.

Those that are on Mojave should get the update via the usual channels, though it’s not yet clear how quickly it will come to everyone. Theoretically, the standardization of Mac devices should mean there aren’t too many issues.