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Microsoft’s SilentVoice Could Reignite Voice Assistant Viability on Smartphones

Microsoft’s SilentVoice could solve an issue where voice assistants like Cortana and Alexa have not been widely embraced on mobile.


For several years, mobile platform companies tried to sell like , Siri, Assistant, and Alexa were sold as smartphone companions. However, voice assistants are not really ideal for mobile devices, which are often used outdoors. could have an answer to the problem with its SilentVoice.

Many users say they don't use their voice assistant on their mobile device often. Having to speak into the device and receive an audio reply is not ideal outdoors due to extra noise or simply not wanting to talk to yourself in public.

Companies have found a solution in terms of keeping voice assistants in our lives. Smart home speakers are growing in popularity and show how assistants can be truly useful. Still, developers want to make assistants on work.

Microsoft's SilentVoice solution is a module that can pick up silent voice commands. As we reported in October, SilentVoice monitors the 50% of your voice used when breathing in, rather than breathing out. Whispering into the microphone will produce clearer recordings.

“Although performance of voice input has been greatly improved, the voice input is still rarely used in public spaces, such as office or even homes. This is mainly because the voice leakage could disturb and even annoy surrounding people in quiet environment. On the other hand, there is still a risk of scattering private information to unintended audiences. These are not technical issues but social issues. Hence there is no easy fix even if voice recognition system performance is greatly improved.”


A voice is separated from normal speech through the measurement of airflow in SilentVoice. Microsoft says the technology works to 98.8% accuracy and no activation words or phrases are needed.

As this is still at the patent phase, there are no guarantees SilentVoice will ever be developed, but it could solve a lot of problems.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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