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Facebook Named Most Untrusted Platform by A Wide Margin

40% of respondents in a survey say they don’t trust Facebook with their personal data, with other tech giants faring better.


is the largest social network in the world, with hundreds of millions of active users. However, it has also been named as the service people trust the least. A survey conducted this month by research firm Toluna shows 40 percent of respondents trust the company the least with their personal data.

Over a sample size of 1,000 people, Toluna found Facebook was significantly less trusted that any other platform. Indeed, and in second and third place only received 8 percent of the votes.

It is no surprise to see Facebook so untrusted, especially not after this year's various scandals. The company's involvement with Cambridge Analytica helped influence several political movements. Later in the year, Facebook was found to be scraping data from Android users without their knowledge.

Perhaps the only real surprise is why so many people still use Facebook. There certainly seems to be a changing of the tide, where users are becoming more aware of the issues the company has. Without shoring up its privacy and being more transparent it is easy to see the network will bleed users in the coming years.

Not least because the landscape of is changing. Users are already turning to Facebook's own Instagram and crowning it the social media network of the moment.

Other Companies

Following Twitter and Amazon were Uber with 7 percent, and and Lyft with 6 percent. Google's position is a surprise as the company has had its share of privacy concerns over the years. Have users just accepted their situation with Google?

As for trusted companies, Netflix scored the highest and is the most trusted tech giant with just 0.9 percent, with Tesla scoring 1.3 percent.

and also fared well, with both companies scoring 2 percent.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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