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Windows 10 Camera Receives Tablet-Friendly UI Change

Microsoft has rolled out a Windows 10 Camera app update for Windows Insiders, changing the UI to help large screen devices.


While the tablet market is in constant decline, there are still countless slates available. While smartphone snappers have consistently improved, there are still some folks who will take photos with their tablet. Yes, it's not cool, but it happens. For those tablet camera enthusiasts, has updated the Windows Camera 10 app.

The Windows 10 Camera app has received a UI tweak which shifts the hamburger menu. Microsoft has also redesigned the menu for more efficient feature access. Furthermore, the shutter button, video selector, and panorama feature have been moved to the right.

With the tweaks, reaching features on a big screen should be easier. Microsoft has also added a new Pro Mode to the Windows 10 Camera app. In this mode, users can turn on or off Camera Pro to choose between enhanced or normal features.

At the moment, this release is only available to Windows Insiders on the Fast and Skip Ahead Rings, but should come to the general OS soon. Incidentally, the update bumps the Windows 10 Camera app to version 2018.1213.30.0.

Major Spring Update

Back in April, Microsoft made big changes to the Camera app through the release of Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

Seven changes were made in total, in an effort to make the app more efficient and customizable. The changes made to the app included:

  • Users can now use all their attached cameras in parallel (if the OS allows) on different app windows.
  • The last used camera is always remembered and the next time the app opens we try to load that camera first
  • The last used scene is always remembered (video, photo) and that is the one we load first the next time the app is launched
  • Users can select now more photo resolutions (before there was only max resolution per ratio) and more video ratios (before there was only 16:9)
  • The brightness slider (which is widely available on all USB cameras) is more smooth (more stops) and shows the actual selected brightness value to the user
  • Swipe left on the capture button to show all sliders is not anymore possible
  • Wheeling on the capture button between scenes (photo, video) is not anymore possible
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